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  • The Moroccan Ghassoul (Rhassoul) Clay Eliminates Oils and Toxins from Skin and Hair, Improves Skin Elasticity, Minimizes Pores, Improves Skin Clarity & Texture, Extracts Blackheads and Leaves Your Skin Clear, Youthful-Looking and Radiant.
  • Moroccan Black Soap safe for All Skin Types, Draws Out Impurities, Toxins and Dirt Particles, Removes Surface Oil Leaving Your Skin Soft, Fresh and Clean
  • No more Expensive Spa Treatments Required for Optimum Skin Care
  • light highly effecient exfoliating glove. removes dead skin layers, resulting in a general smoothing of the surface skin
  • WE USE ONLY ORGANIC INGREDIENTS – Our Products are Organic Skin Care Treatment and Obviously Because it’s Organic There is No preservatives, No synthetic fragrances, No harsh chemicals, synthetic coloring or animal ingredient. Just the Best Purest Moroccan Black Soap That You Can Get!

Product description

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Elbahya Traditional Moroccan Hammam Kit

Inspired by the traditional hammam sequence, this ritual succession has been practiced for nearly one thousand years to heal, The Traditional Moroccan Hammam Kit comprises all the quintessential products needed to recreate at home the Authentic Moroccan Hammam Experience, detoxify and relax the whole body. each step provides a layer of detoxification to purify the body, leaving it warm and radiant. experience a complete hammam set that includes five authentic premium products in the line in travel-ready packaging. designed to be used individually or in succession to deeply invigorate and recharge the skin from head to toe.

WE USE ONLY ORGANIC INGREDIENTS – Our Products are Natural & 100% Organic Skin Care Treatment. they are carefully selected according to a required specification.
For each batch of products physico-chemical analyzes are performed through an independent government laboratory.

Kit Includes :
– Traditional Moroccan Exfoliation Black Soap with Lavender & Mint (250g)

Ingredients:Eucalyptus, potassium olivate, sodium chloride , water, globutus, olea europaea oil, potassium hydroxide, glysirin, mint.

– Traditional Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Organic Facial Mask treatment ready to use (250g)

Ingredients:Moroccan lava clay, fragrance rosa damascena flower water.

– Artisanal Argan Bar Soap

Ingredients:Glycine Soja Oil – Water – Sodium – Hydroxide – Palm kernelate – Argania spinosa kernel oil

– Exfoliating Hammam Glove (Kesse)

– Volcanic Pumic Stone Dead Skin Remover

Directions :

We recommend you always read labels, and directions before using a product. for best practice and use we will email you the Traditional Hammam Kit User Manual after purchasing.

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