Pay Day for Niume Writers!

Today is the second pay day for Niume Writers since we rolled out Revenue sharing at the beginning of September. This month all of you guys have done a truly amazing work; you have written over 35,000 posts and well over 100 of you have received payment today. We wanted to take the time to congratulate all the creators that have reached over 10,000 views (with some hitting over 500,000 views!) and share a few tips for those who didn’t to help make sure that next month even more of you will become part this growing club.

Before we recap a few tips to get more reads on your posts and reach well over 10,000 views per month, we wanted to share with you some of the most successful users this month, so that you can take a look at what they post and connect with them.


Chris Ford Writes really well researched and extremely interesting articles about little known scientific discoveries.   Most of the traffic to her posts come from Flipboard, where she submits several posts per day. This method made her almost half a million views over the past month, making her the most successful Niume user this month. 

( See Chris Ford

Mr. Nobody shares his original artwork on Niume, then shares his articles on Flipboard. This has brought him over 100,000 views on his posts. 

( See Mr. Nbody

Earthology Health posts informative nutrition and health posts!

( See Earthology Health

Aj Mayfield is a writer that continuously posts fascinating pieces with a strong focus on Science Fiction. 

(See Aj Mayfield

Sandra Robinson is a chronic illness survivor who writes powerful pieces with the purpose of helping others suffering. 

( See Sandra Robinson

Gary Sharpe is a prolific Niume writer, who covers every single sphere with enticing pieces. 

( See Gary Sharpe )

How have they done it…? 

Most of our successful users have been very active across all social media, sharing their great pieces throughout all platforms after writing every post. They also make sure the formatting of their pieces is always wonderful and consistently have enticing titles.

One platform we have seen work great for our bloggers is Flipboard. We wrote a few articles about how to use Flipboard effectively. Reading those and using the posts from the users above as inspiration you can start achieving great results straight away. Check out this post to learn all the basics about using Flipboard with Niume and some other tips to increase your reach.

There are many other ways to promote your posts. Make sure you check out the Niume Blog and Support profile every now and then for useful tips to become a successful Niume writer. 

Finally, remember to join the Niume Writers Community on Facebook to receive help from other users to share your posts and with any problem or doubt you may have using the platform.


Thanks for reading

Have A Nice Day.



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